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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio —September 24, 2013— 

     As summer winds down and the first fall chill sets in, many homeowners begin to think about weatherizing their home.  Installing vinyl replacement windows is a great way to dress up your home, add value, and increase energy efficiency.  In fact, statistics show that more windows are sold in September and October than any other times of the year. Identifying and replacing broken or leaking windows with new, more energy-efficient designs can help reduce a homeowner’s heating and cooling costs while creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.

     If you’re like many Americans who are considering replacing their old or damaged windows this season, you’ll want to download the Alside® Window Style Guide; a free eBook designed to answer many common questions including how to select replacement windows specific to your climate or ENERGY STAR® zone. From glass and grid options to the Frameworks® palette of luxurious colors with natural appeal, the Window Style Guide provides options that allow homeowners to enhance the look of their home while reducing time-consuming maintenance.

      In addition to Alside’s Window Style Guide, homeowners can discover new trends and be inspired by the Alside Window and Siding Design Showcase visualization tools. Compatible with tablets and PCs alike, these apps allow users to explore product styles to design a look that reflects their lifestyle and unique needs. From concept to completion, these apps are free and easy tools that make the design process fun.

To download the Design Showcase apps, visit the Alside website at or click on the links below:

Alside Style Guide:

Interactive Design Showcase App:

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