Throwback Thursday



Summer 1968

Pedestrians do double takes! Passing drivers crane their necks for another glimpse and many times crowds gather to study the artwork.

What are they looking at? No doubt it’s one of Alside, Inc.’s striking “Cream of the Crop” rigs, a beauty on any road.

A basic white, the rigs show a skillful blending of color, lettering and the Alside company name. Most striking is a large full-color rendering on the trailer sides, which illustrates the symbol of the company’s growth – its multimillion-dollar headquarters, situated on a 60-acre site between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio.

 As Alside’s product beautifies well over one million American homes, its private fleet dresses up many American streets. The fleet is truly art on wheels.

 “Our art department designed the rigs,” says William R. Patterson, Alside transportation manager. “We wanted an eye-popper for the fleet and we certainly got it.”

 Compliments aren’t the only benefits Alside has received from the glamour paint jobs. Advertising impact of the rigs has been tremendous – both on the public and on customers in the trade.

 “You should see the heads turn when one of our units goes down the street,” says Mr. Patterson. “People can’t miss being impressed.”


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