The How-To for Cleaning your Vinyl Windows

The How-To for Cleaning your Vinyl Windows

Mezzo Windows

Mezzo Windows

Label and tape adhesive should be removed by alcohol-based cleaners on small glass areas only. After this is removed, thoroughly wet the glass and rinse with plain water. Glass can be cleaned with regular or ammonia-based glass cleaners.

Vinyl (PVC) products can be cleaned with a solution of mild soap and water. For heavier cleaning tasks, the window manufacturer recommends commercially advertised household cleaners. Use any non-abrasive cleaner for tough jobs. Do not use solvents, paint removers or sharp objects to clean your windows and patio doors.

Condensation is caused by excess interior relative humidity in the home. It is your responsibility to control your home’s relative humidity. For more information, request a copy of Your Guide to Common Household Condensation.

If mildew is a problem in your area, use an appropriate cleaner or mildew controller found in your local store.

Painting or varnishing your window is not required and will void the warranty.

The tracks of the double-hung and sliding windows are exposed to the outdoor elements, which can contain abrasive elements such as dirt, leaves, sand, grease, soot, etc. If these elements are not removed, they can be ground into the vinyl tracks when the sashes are operated. A minimum semi-annual cleaning is recommended. These tracks can be cleaned with a small, stiff nylon brush, then wiped down with a soft cloth. If necessary, an occasional light coat of silicone spray lubricant on the balance shoe track of a double-hung, and the tracks of a sliding window, will help ease the operation without leaving an oily residue which can collect more abrasive elements.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for safe use of any chemical or cleaner. Any cleaning information suggested in this manual is only to assist you. The window manufacturer assumes no responsibility for results obtained which are dependent on the chemical solutions as prepared, and quantity and method of application.



2 thoughts on “The How-To for Cleaning your Vinyl Windows

  1. Chris W.

    This is a great starting guide for cleaning your vinyl windows. Most of the people that I talk to about this use normal soap and water to clean their windows. Honestly, for the most part, this is ok. Though if you really want your windows to last a long time and stay looking new, it is important to talk to the people who manufactured or installed your vinyl windows. Each window, depending on the type of vinyl was used in manufacturing, could react differently to different soaps, so ask what they recommend. You’d hate to have discoloration only a few years after getting the windows. Great blog, thanks for sharing!


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