Traditional to Trend – Setting: An Extensive Exterior Color Palette

Two tips that make color selection easy. If you like your home’s existing color scheme, there’s really no decision to make. But if you’re looking for a change, use the following two suggestions to guide your planning:

First use the color of your roof shingles as a starting point. For the most pleasing appearance, colors for shingles and siding should complement each other. Secondly, decide if you want a little or a lot of contrast between siding and trim. As a general rule, less contrast unifies a home’s architectural elements, while greater contrast emphasizes individual elements.

Alside Premium Vinyl Siding offers all the choices needed to give your home the exact look you want. Start with classic panel profiles and end with color-matched trim and accents. With Alside, all decisions lead to beautiful results.

siding color palettesiding color palette 2

View the full Alside Siding Color Sheet for full color availability HERE

*Soffit use only / aerated panels only. Note: Colors are as accurate as printing techniques allow. Make final color selections using actual product samples. All colors may not be available in all markets.



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